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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Varieties Of Pigeon Latest HD Wallpapers

Varieties Of Pigeon
    Pigeon is a beautiful and most innocent bird , everyone like this very much and this is a symbol of  love.There are thousands of varieties of pigeon in Pakistan,India and all around the world. People loves this bird and have this bird as a pet in their homes for their hobby. Some people known as ' kabootar Baz ' because they flies pigeon regularly and competes one another, high flying pigeons have used in this competition. The pigeon 's cost is to be hundreds to thousands rupees, it is a profitable business to buy and sell of pigeon now a days and people earn a lot of money by this,  many Varieties of pigeons which are most beautiful and costly, here are some as same as varieties that you see in these colorful wallpapers those we have collected from different sources and we wish that you enjoy them and by this your knowledge will be increased.
barb fancy pigeon
Barb Fancy Pigeon Pic